Snapshot from our farm and vineyard – the start of a small personal blog.

It’s eerie. The spring and summer of tours and tastings, events and festivals has evaporated from the diary. Not just wine and farm related ones, but things we love to do too; our daughter competing her pony, and avid mountain bike outings for our son.

The calm that has descended is not altogether unpleasant. The pressure is off. But how long for?

We worry for the small businesses we work with, cafes and restaurants and local pubs. The phone has stopped ringing and tour bookings and cellar door dates are suspended. We’re too small to be stocked in supermarkets however we plan to offer local doorstep deliveries and online sales will stay open.

We have completed the winter pruning and have finished tying down the canes as a family, working together in the vineyard with space between us. Here we can chat, catch up without contact or visiting each other’s houses.

On the farm, there’s dry weather. For the first time in months we can get onto the fields. Spring drilling is underway. We weren’t able to plant any crops in the autumn due to the saturated ground and continuous rain so it’s a huge relief to be sowing.

Our pedigree Hereford herd of cattle that graze the water meadows and chalk downs are due to calve in a couple of weeks- a time of vigilance and long days, we hope our tiny team stays well.

As farmers are on the key workers list our children could stay in school (a lifeline for many) but ours are old enough to be useful and we’d rather be together. Today is the last day at school for the foreseeable future and they will need to motivate themselves to put in the 5 hours of daily learning!


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